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Friday, August 24, 2012

GTI Introduction to I.G.B.C. Green Factory Building Rating System, V 1.0, July, 2009

This Unique Rating System that can be implemented by New / Upcoming and Existing Factory Buildings would not only give 'Universal Prestige' as well as the following long-term "Benefits":

* Reduction in power demand by factory buildings
* Reduction in GHG emissions
* Reduction in potable water consumption
* Increase of green cover in new factory premises, thereby reducing heat island effect
* Recharge of aquifers with storm water
* Enhanced indoor air quality leading to at least 1% productivity gains

IGBC Green Factory Building Certification Levels:

Certification Level: Points:
Certified 51-60
Silver 61-70
Gold 71-80
Platinum 81-100

Kindly study the Technical Paper at the below given link and contact us,

M. Prabhakar Rao,


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