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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Would you like to build a "Green Home", for yourself?

100% Green Homes, at no Additional Construction Costs that adds a "Unique Value Proposition" to your property!

An 'Integrated Green Home Design and Comprehensive Micro-Climate Management Plan' for any type of Home – with zero escalation on the planned construction costs of a so-called 'Conventional Hot Home', provided we approach the ‘Design’ with due "Respect-to-Nature" and "Total Open-Mind".

Yes, these "Green Homes" too like, any others are designed to be Eco-Responsive, Recharge the Ground with the Rain-Water, Conserve / Use Less Water and Power, Uses Sewage Water too, Provides Ample Day-Light to all regularly occupied spaces, with Comfortable, Cozy, Cool and Clean Indoor Environment and many more pleasant features minus the expensive and uncalled for frills – without compromising on the Quality-of-Construction.

Geographic Region, Climatic Zones, Locations, Elevations, Levels, Orientations, etc. do not matter.

Kindly study the Paper at the below given link.



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