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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grow Your Own, Healthy, 100% Chemical-Free Organic Vegetables, at your un-used spaces!

     The Home-Gardening:-
  v  Different types of Roof-Gardening have been done since ages, but most of them were based on Fruit & Vegetable Farming on Roof-Tops, using the traditional water guzzling methods, with a belief that water lasts for ever;

  v  And it is generally based on Chemical based Fertilisers, Pesticides, Weedicides, etc..

  v  Some spaces are filled with exclusively ‘Troughs’ and the other with exclusively ‘Pots’ – with standard sizes, thus failing to use optimum utilisation of all un-used spaces.

  v  Further, they do not consider using unused balcony-spaces and corners of the lower-floors.

  v  More water is wasted due to vaporization than the amount actually consumed by plants.

      The Organic Vegetable Gardening:-
GTI Garland-Technique differs, with the above practice in,

   ü  Drip-Irrigation: Using a combination of Pots & Troughs (specially made-to-order, after freezing the lay-out, interconnected with 5 mm drip-pipe: of a material which is flexible enough to be bent, anywhere we require, without choking on itself and hard enough to take the load of the soil - from Roof-Top to Cellar / Ground-floor, drawing water all the way from the Roof-Mounted Water-Tank, with adjustable valves, strategically placed, for cut-off & cut-on, through the drip-holes, to be drilled, which number again is dependant on the size of the Pot / Trough.

  ü  Garland-Technique: The Drip-Pipe itself is garlanded among the Pots / Troughs at Two Inches from the bottom of them to ensure water goes up to the plant roots, whereby drastically reducing vaporization losses, due to very less contact with the atmosphere above the surface of the earth in the Pot / Trough.

  ü  100% Organic: Uses only Organic Fertilisers / nutrients & Insecticides / weedicides, none of which even if they go into our food would ever do any form of harm to our health.

  ü  Optimum Utilisation of all unused spaces, right from the Roof to the Ground / Cellar, without obstructing the Pedestrian / Vehicular Traffic or Parking Convenience.

  ü  Fit & Forget: Can be tended by a trained Gardner, at a very nominal cost OR if the owner loves Gardening, nothing like it!

  ü  Costs less to produce Healthy, Organic Vegetables, when compared with the off-the shelf, chemical based vegetables.  The benefits are even attractive if health & environmental costs are included and the initial capital cost is recovered in less than Two Years!!

   This is not a "Business Solicitation' so for any clarifications, please contact M: +91-8686559189, Email: /

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