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Monday, March 26, 2012

Open Letter to Gen. V.K. Singh, regarding his bribe-offer allegations!

Dear Gen. Singh,

This refers to your interview to Ms. Vidya Subrahmaniam of 'The Hindu' Daily, a appeared in its Today (Monday, the March  26, 2012) alleging that  some Arms dealers were offering bribes for getting orders for faulty equipment, which you refused to accept into Indian Army.

You also said several FIRs have been filed against some of the alleged culprits but, why none of them came onto the public domain.

Further, accordingly to the Head-Line of 'The Hindu' you exploded a bomb stating that one of these men (lobbyist) has walked upto to you and has offered you Rs. 14.00/- Crores - for accepting 600 sub-standard vehicles of a particular make, which you refused and also that you went straight to Mr. Antony and reported the matter.

Please realise that you are not a Primary School Teacher to report on a mischievous kid-student to your Head Master and washing off your hands of the matter and wait for Ms. Vidya from media to come to break this news.

I need not imagine what shock you underwent when that incident happened as I know, if you walk up to an upright Civil Servant or a Police Officer of an Defence Officer and offer some bribe, the first thing they would do to me is to order my detention, then and there and call the Police of the Jurisdiction (Military or Civilian) and  arrange to file an FIR from his / her office, with due official release to the media and general public.

BY REFUSING A BRIBE YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANY SPECIAL FAVOUR TO THE NATION, WHICH IS WELL WITHIN YOU 'CALL-OF-DUTY'.  And for that you don't deserve any additional medals or honours.

But by not arranging to detain that lobbyist and arrange his immediate prosecution, you have done a great dis-service to the Nation.

If somebody has the gumption (am using your own word) to approach you (The Chief of Indian Army Staff) and offer you such an amount as bribe for a Quid Quo Pro, I believe it is only a tip of the ice-berg and you failed the nation by not doing your responsibility which is well withing Your 'Call-of-Duty.

Your Today's exposure only gave some fodder to the Media and the Opposition Parties in Parliament but not has given any wisdom to them to question the rot in the system on which my country depend for its Security.

I wish to God that some public-spirited Individual or an NGO, with requisite means to approach appropriate Court for a 'Writ of Mandamus' to the appropriate authority for a full-scale investigation under its direct supervision as well as to prosecute you for your "Omission-of-Duty".

Or even better the 'Supreme Court of India' take a 'suo motu' cognizance of your above 'Dis-Service" to the Nation and order your prosecution for the above 'Crime'.

I request the readers of this blog-post to forward this to the appropriate entities, for corrective actions.


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