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Thursday, February 23, 2012

“Disruptive Eco-Solution” Defined!

Disruptive Eco-Solution” Defined!

I define the Disruptive Eco-Solution, below, as any process and / or product that meets the following criteria:-

Ø  Should be as effective as the products / processes of existing, alternative Environmentally-Unfriendly Technologies.

Ø  'Safe-to-Human Health', meaning giving nil Ill-Health Effects, what-so-ever, to the Consumers, on usage.

Ø  'Cost-Efficient', meaning it should be equal or cheaper than the Toxic Alternatives, available in the market.

Ø  'Ecologically-Responsible', meaning the product, the process, the inputs and the outputs during processing, storing,   transportation, usage and post-usage (full life-cycle) should cause no or least damage to the Environment, as apposed to the alternative chemical processes and / or product/s.

Ø  Should Aid and Sustain the Cleaner Environment Objective of the World.

Ø  Should be able to ‘Displace’ the harmful alternatives, in all senses than One.

 -          Madhuranthakam Prabhakar Rao.

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