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Thursday, September 1, 2011

AUROVILLE BUZZ: No fireworks at Anandi’s kitchen!

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Courtesy: August 31, 2011 / By Sakthi Sambandhan, DC, chennai.

Indulging in raw food is the latest mantra.
Indulging in raw food is the latest mantra.

Food is not merely a nutrient for the body and mind. When taken at the right time and in adequate measure when hunger strikes, it also acts as a medicine and a preventive cure through which one can avoid an encounter with a variety of diseases.
Alas, in a fast moving globalised world, youngsters are being enslaved by soft drinks and fast food (read junk food) that help raise calories with little nutrient for the metabolism to work.
For lovers of healthy food here is some good news in the form of good advice from Anandi Vaithialingam of Auroville.
She has been associated with organic farming for more than two decades. She is also aware of the advantages of eating raw food.
And she had her defining moment in life when she got an opportunity to visit the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre in Arizona, USA for a 10-week programme with a free scholarship from Dr Gabriel Cousens.
Since then Anandi has emerged as a strong advocate of promoting the eating of raw food. Speaking to DC she listed the salient advantages that come from eating raw food as opposed to cooked food.
The cooking process virtually takes away more the 50 % to 80% of the nutrients and vital enzymes, thereby creating more health disorders like diabetes, obesity and calcium deficiency.
“The basic point is food governs physical and physical governs our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and so it is appropriate for us to practise raw food style”, says Anandi.
“Right from the start, we are trained to eat grain-based food like rice and wheat. They need chromium to digest, but when grains are cooked, the chromium is lost.“
“As a result, the process of digestion needs to draw from bones and tissues leading to chromium deficiency and a lot of stress in our pancreas that eventually leads to diabetes.“
“Cooking creates acidity which disrupts many bodily functions. It takes away the calcium from our bones and oxygen from our body, which may result in breeding parasites. Cooked foods also are devoid of enzymes crucial for our digestion. This constant depletion causes degeneration and aging is accelerated”, she explains.
For those addicted to tasty cooked food this might sound odd and unwelcome as their taste buds have been trained by spicy, oily and overcooked food.
A chat with Anandi and a visit to take in the many varieties of raw food prepared at her recently opened restaurant, Live Food Centre, would convince anyone that her advocacy for eating raw food and her challenging the traditional style of cooking food is as logical as it is exciting.
On the health front too, she has more to say about the catalytic role played by good healthy food.

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