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Thursday, September 1, 2011

2G SPECTRUM SCAM: Maran delayed processing of Sivasankaran's files? aides claim!

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August 31, 2011 / PTI, New Delhi / DC.

Former aides of ex-Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran have reportedly told CBI the processing of the files of former Aircel Chief owner C. Sivasankaran was delayed allegedly at the directions of the minister.

Sanjay Murthy, the then Personal Secretary to Maran, in his statement has reportedly told CBI that 'there was delay in grant of approval' of licenses to Dishnet DSL Limited, a company of C Sivasankaran.

Sources in the agency claimed today that Murthy further told the CBI 'that the directions conveyed by me for putting of files etc and recording the orders of minister was done as per the directions of Dayanidhi Maran'.

He had told the agency sleuths that as the PS to the Minister he was 'not expected to examine the merits of the case as it was the responsibility of the department to examine and put it up to the MOC and IT'.

Murthy is also said to have told CBI that Maran had met Ralph Marshall, CEO of Astro which invested in Sun TV and also a Board member of Maxis, in office between 2005 and 06, sources said.

The then OSD to Maran V.A.K Nambiar in his statement is also understood to have corroborated about the meeting saying that Marshall along with three to four persons had come to meet Maran in Electronic Niketan in 2005-06 on two to three occasions and stayed at a luxury hotel here, sources claimed.

Sivasankaran had alleged his applications for licences were rejected when Maran was the telecom minister in 2006, forcing him to sell his company to Maxis, whose owner is considered to be close to Maran and his brother Kalanidhi, who owns Sun TV.

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