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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

U.S. NATURAL CALAMITY: Washington’s Earthquake Farce!

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Howard Kurtz, / Aug 23, 2011 11:50 PM EDT.

Earthquake 'destruction' photos

The earth shook briefly. Some buildings swayed. People were puzzled. And the TV crews pounced. Howard Kurtz on why an earthquake blip in the Washington area got the crisis treatment.

It was a dramatic day on the world stage.
A ragtag group of Libyan rebels had fought their way to the center of Tripoli and were on the verge of breaking a brutal dictator’s four-decade rule. They had broken through Muammar Gaddafi’s heavily fortified compound; nobody knew whether he was inside. As in Tunisia, as in Egypt, what had long seemed impossible was on the verge of becoming reality.
And then: the ground shook in the Washington area for about 15 seconds.
Goodbye, rebels. Hello, pandemonium.
And thereby hangs a tale of media behavior and public attention spans that may carry a lesson beyond the oddity of an East Coast tremor.
At the beginning of August, the country’s attention was riveted by a man-made Washington disaster that brought the government to the brink of default for no reason other than endless political squabbling.

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