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Sunday, August 14, 2011

U.K. RIOTS: US 'supercop' Bill Bratton says riot arrests not only answer!

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Communities cannot "arrest their way out" of gang crime, the prime minister's new crime adviser, US "supercop" Bill Bratton, has warned.
The former New York police chief meets David Cameron next month to discuss violence in English cities and says the issue is for society as a whole.
About 2,250 people have been arrested after days of riots, arson and looting, with dozens facing court on Saturday.
Extra police numbers will be maintained on city streets through the weekend.
But the Chancellor, George Osborne, has dismissed calls to reverse cuts to police budgets. He welcomed the advice from Mr Bratton, saying that he would help tackle the "deep-seated social problems" behind the riots.
Mr Bratton, who is also credited with restoring law and order in Los Angeles after the riots there in 1992, told US broadcaster ABC: "You can't arrest your way out of the problem.
"Arrest is certainly appropriate for the most violent, the incorrigible, but so much of it can be addressed in other ways and it's not just a police issue, it is in fact a societal issue."

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