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Saturday, August 6, 2011

SYRIAN RESISTANCE: Activists say 24 killed in Syria’s latest protests!

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AP / The Hindu / BEIRUT, August 6, 2011. 

Lebanese protesters hold a rally in solidarity with the Syrian people in Tripoli.
Lebanese protesters hold a rally in solidarity with the Syrian people in Tripoli - AP.

The Syrian military tightened its suffocating siege on the city of Hama on Saturday, and activists said security forces killed at least 24 civilians the day before in a nationwide crackdown on anti-government protesters.

A Hama resident said tanks shelled the city on Friday night, which resulted in several casualties. He said there were reports that at least one of the hospitals in the city had been targeted. Authorities have imposed a media blackout on Hama and the reports could not be immediately confirmed.

The resident sneaked out of besieged Hama on Friday to try and get supplies, and spoke to AP by phone on Saturday from the city’s outskirts.

“I am trying to get back but it’s impossible, they’ve tightened the siege even more, not even an ant can go in or out today,” he said.

Syria’s government has broadcast images of buildings and empty rubble-strewn streets in Hama, the epicentre of the protests, claiming the military was putting an end to an armed rebellion launched by “terrorists.”

The brutal crackdown has sparked international outrage, and a group of Gulf Arab countries on Saturday broke their silence on the bloodshed, calling for an immediate end to the violence and for implementation of “serious” reforms in Syria.

In a statement posted on its website, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council expressed deep concern and regret for “the escalating violence in Syria and use of excess force.”

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