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Thursday, August 25, 2011


For LEED Consultancy / IGBC Certifications, Green Building Design, Green Homes, Green Factory Buildings, Green SEZs, Green Townships & Energy Audits -

EMAIL IN CIRCULATION ON RAHUL GANDHI:-                                                
Education: failed to secure passing grades in National Economic Planning and Policy graduated by any how    
Job: Got ancestral political power and running through it      

Award: he is making awards not getting it, Fight against Indians sentiments                               
For him Terror attacks are common thing...we should not be worried of that.....let it happen (since they have z class security)
He will never talk about Govt. policies....and planning....since he is not intelligent enough to grasp that. (Claimed to be most eligible to be PM)
Won't talk about black money and corruption.                   
Will never talk in Parliament.                                 
No political vision and goals for nation .                     
Trained well to fool poor villagers with safed kurta ..and khadi (doing same in UP and other places.)


Great Grandson OF Nehru,                                             

Grandson of Indira Gandhi....                                  

Son of Rajiv Gandhi....                                        

From Gandhi Family...                                         

Till now zero...    

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