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Sunday, August 14, 2011

ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT: Music against corruption!

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Shilpa Nair Anand, The Hindu / August 14, 2011.

Musical break A scene from the new single. Photo: Special Arrangement
Musical break A scene from the new single. Photo: Special Arrangement.

Motherjane releases its new single, ‘No Contest' online. It is against corruption.
The anti corruption wave has hit the musical scene too.In keeping with the mood of the times, the band Motherjane has just released a brand new song which has an anti-corruption message. It is an ode of sorts to Anna Hazare. Suraj Mani has written the song. ‘No Contest' captures the prevalent mood against corruption, and it is as much about protest as it is about change. Motherjane is back after a break of almost three years. ‘No Contest' was released on Youtube and the band's website on August 1.
The last time the band was seen and heard, they were performing the original soundtrack ‘Jihad' for the Amal Neerad film ‘Anwar'. Before that they recorded ‘Tribes of Babel' for the Amnesty International's album ‘PEACE'. Around 150 artists from all over the world contributed to the album. About the decision to release the album on Youtube, Deepu says the medium is much more personal and lends instant connect. Interspersed with video and sound clips that dominated the airwaves, the song has an edgy feel to it. The song is also significant, since it is the band's first musical outing after the departure of the hugely talented Baiju Devaraj.
He has been replaced by Santosh Chandran, the song serves as an introduction to Santosh the newest member of the crew. It goes without saying he has an extremely tough act to follow.

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