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Friday, August 26, 2011

ANNALILA: 'Will end fast after Parl passes resolution'!

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`Will end fast after Parl passes resolution`

New Delhi: Amid hectic efforts to break the deadlock on Lokpal issue, Anna Hazare on Friday shot off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying he would break his fast if Parliament agrees to his three key demands but will continue his protest till the legislation is passed.

Hazare's letter to Singh also contains his Team's version of a resolution to be moved in Parliament which details his three demands -- all civil servants should be brought under Lokpal, a Citizen Charter should be displayed at all government offices and all states should have Lokayukta.

"My inner conscience tells me that if there is a consensus on these proposals, then I will break my fast. The other issues in the Jan Lokpal Bill like selection process and others are also very important to contain corruption.”

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  1. It is nice that our Anna Hazare movement is turning towards a national awareness against corruption .It is very encouraging to hear that there is now competition between Congress & BJP to over-exploit on the anti-corruption wave in India ( a blessing in disguise due to the massive scams initiated by Raja and un-controlled supervision by Dr Singh probably due to the so called Coalition Dharma) It is also very important for India and Indians to not to lose Anna Hazare due to his natural instinct for sacrifice .We have already lost M K Gandhi and N S C Bose due to our inefficiency and carelessness .That is why we could not enforce discipline and had works in public life. Mr Nehru had been a liberal man & Indira became so autocratic .Mr Vajpayee & Dr Singh could not do much of positive contributions because of the pulls and pushes of the coalition politics.
    We should not allow Anna Hazare to sacrifice himself for the cause. It is nice that to have the Strong Constitutional Status for the Lokpal bill . I think Anna Hazare and his team will be too happy that their efforts are not going waste .My congrats to the old and sincere lawyer Mr Shanthi Bushan for being the real back bone for this from the days of his crusade against corruption right from Indira Gandhi's election case .It is a great irony that Parliament is having tow nice proposals from Indira Gandhi's two grandsons on Lokpal .