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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Living: Case-53: DIFFERENTLY ABLED, RANGA MUNI, THE ANIMAL LOVER!

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When Ranga Muni was barely a year old an attack of polio robbed him of the use of his legs. But despite his physical handicap this young man has become a role model for community service in the area.  Ranga Muni lives in Gundlakonda village in Devanakonda Mandal of Kurnool district. He studied up to the 9th standard. The watershed programme trained him to become an animal husbandry paraworker, or Sangamitra. He attended a training programme for 45 days at the Kurnool animal health centre. This training equipped him to deal with diseases of cattle such musara vyadi, galikuntu, soppavaapu, etc.

Ranga Muni provides a round the clock service to the Gundlakonda, Gudimaralla, Tushyaduddi, M K Kottala, Burrakunta and Pandirlapalle villages. As soon as he gets a call he sets off with his medical kit on his special tricycle to provide treatment to the cattle. The roads are not good and it is not an easy ride,
but he puts up with the difficulty bravely to support farmers. Though there is a veterinary centre in Gundlakonda village, it does not have a doctor or support staff. Hence, Ranga Muni has become the only source of veterinary support for the farmers in these six villages.

Ranga Muni loves animals. He enjoys his work and never demands a fee for the treatment he provides to the cattle. He just takes whatever is offered to him. Farmers pay him Rs.50 to Rs.100 per treatment. Though this is a paltry sum he never complains. He says that the satisfaction and joy that he gets out of the service is priceless. He is wanted by all these villages and in a way he has conquered his physical
disability. Ranga Muni’s life is an inspiration to us all.

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