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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Living: Case-41: PROMOTION PHASE!

Have you read, “Mayhem of the Miserables!” available 

Watershed activities of the APRLP were initiated in Gangasanipalle Village in Bongir Mandal of Nalgonda district in a unique way.  The message was spread through a ‘Kalajatha’ cultural programme with singing and games.  Films describing development activities implemented in other areas were shown on TV.  The officer from the project implementation agency and the village people together identified the fields of farmers where the watershed development interventions would be carried out. A village social map was drawn in the presence of the village people to encourage their involvement. People of different strata i.e. rich, middle, poor and poorest of the poor were identified. 

Farmers were to contribute either in cash or kind for whatever work was done in their fields.   Both men and women working on the watershed works were to be paid equally. This information
was given to the entire village community and thus the work began. These were all new concepts for the villagers.

The village community had been informed about the benefits of watershed development.  Water scarcity in the village would be solved by the construction of water harvesting structures.  Farmers were taken to other watershed areas to learn through exposure to other development activities. Those who saw the successful implementation of watershed works in other areas shared their experience with the rest of the villagers. Thus the whole community was motivated to participate in the watershed activities.

First a recharge well was dug in the land of a farmer, B Balram. In the village two check dams were built and two more are under construction.  Stone works and flood control bunds were built and recharge wells and six percolation tanks were constructed. Loans were given to farmers who own between 1–6 acres of land.

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