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Monday, July 11, 2011

RAMLILA MIDNIGHT MAYHEM: S.C. pulls up Delhi Police for Ramdev crackdown!!

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The Supreme Court on Monday asked Delhi Police to explain their behaviour and the need to resort to teargas and baton-charge in the closed enclosure when people were sleeping during yoga guru Baba Ramdev's protest gathering at the Ramlila Ground here last month.

An apex court bench of Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Swatanter Kumar said that there are documents and DVDs to show that the yoga exercises were undertaken at the camp, and if that was so, what was the justification for the police to resort to baton-charge.
Delhi Police chief B.K. Gupta, in an affidavit to the apex court, had said that permission to use the Ramlila Ground was given for a yoga camp, and not for any other purpose.

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  1. Congress owes an Apology to Nation for unleashing Terror at Midnight at Ramlila Ground on innocent citizens. SC must also force to pay all damages of Pandals and Medical bills from Politicians and Delhi Police's personal assets. Delhi Police acted as STATE SPONSORED TERRORISTS on Tax-Payers money when cracked down on sleeping innocent Baba Ramdev's followers in middle of Night. Top Police Officials and HM P Chidambaram must be FIRED from Job and Arrested on Terrorism.