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Friday, July 8, 2011

PURULIA ARMS DROP CASE: Davy case: India may make fresh diplomatic move with Denmark!

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Peter Bleach, the main accused in the Purulia arms drop case, being produced at a court in Kolkata - PTI

The Government may make a fresh diplomatic move with Denmark after it refused to file an appeal in its Supreme Court for the extradition of Kim Davy, an accused in the Purulia arms drop case, to India.
The CBI is also mulling other options to bring Davy to trial, including through video conferencing, after weighing other legal options.
Jorgen Steen Sorensen, Denmark's Director, Prosecution, also acknowledged that a case against Davy has been made. "...both the District Court and the High Court agreed for example, that the evidentiary basis for extradition is sufficient, that the double criminality requirement of the Extradition Act is satisfied and that the case is not time barred," Sorensen said in a statement last night. In a separate statement, the Danish Foreign Ministry asked India to "appreciate" the Danish judiciary.
Official sources here said a diplomatic contact with the Danish Government was necessary to impress upon the fact that Davy alias Niels Holck had admitted before a Danish court about his involvement in the Purulia arms drop case. The sources said post-9/11 attacks, Denmark had amended its Constitution thereby agreeing to extradite any person involved in any act of terror.
The arms dropping was aimed at fomenting terror activities mainly in Purulia in West Bengal, they said. India's hopes of extraditing Davy were dashed last night when the Director of Public Prosecutions said that the Prosecution Service will not to seek permission to bring the question of extradition of Davy to India before the Supreme Court. Sorensen said he fully understands the attention which this case has attracted in Denmark as well as in India.

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