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Monday, July 11, 2011

PAK CAULDRON: Kids as young as five being trained to become jihadi ‘martyrs’ in Pak!

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A new video showing young children training as ‘martyrs’ at a secret Al Qaeda camp in Pakistan’s North Waziristan province has surfaced, raising fears of future attacks.

The shocking video shows toddlers as young as five years old being trained to blow up buildings and mount roadside bomb attacks, The Daily Mail reports.
It shows anxious youngsters, some dressed in camouflage uniform, being made to stand in line before being handed AK-47 rifles.
British commanders in Afghanistan say Taliban fighters are increasingly using children as suicide bombers and as human shields during battles.
Taliban and Al Qaeda militants are training hundreds of children in the camp based in North Waziristan before being sent across the border to face western troops, the report said.

Its easy to poison the pristine minds but very difficult to remove the same, from those impressionable minds!

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