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Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOK PAL BILL: Cabinet approves lokpal bill draft rejected by Anna!
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Agencies / New Delhi, July 28, 2011.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh delivers his speech during the inauguration of the Civil Services Day......

The Union cabinet on Thursday approved the lokpal bill draft and kept the Prime Minister and the judiciary out of its purview. Anti-corruption activists had pitched for a strong version of the law to set up a lokpal, saying the government draft to be discussed was"ineffective".

The government had constituted a drafting committee having ministers and members of NGO India Against Corruption to finalise lokpal bill but they failed to reach a consensus.

After that, the ministers finalised a draft lokpal bill for the Cabinet's consideration.

"In its present form, the government's version of the lokpal bill is too weak and ineffective," social activist Anna Hazare, who was also member of the drafting committee, said on Wednesday.

"It has a very narrow jurisdiction."

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  1. Voters are JOKERS - Whistle Blower are CRIMINALS - Tax-Payers are SLAVES - Corrupt Politicians & Tainted Bureaucrats are SUPER GODS? Wants to be a White-Collar Criminal? be a Politician. Is this the message of Congress LOOTPAL BILL? Policy of Politics is getting clear. LOOT the Tax-Payers money without Prosecution, appoint SC Lawyers as Spokespersons to fool Nation Technically and Enjoy. UPA-2 must be Suspended by SC or President for Malicious Intentions, Corruption and Looting of Nation by it's Politicians. India must stand up against all CORRUPTS and LOOTERS, to put them in TIHAR JAIL. Jai ANNA Hazare, Jai JAN LOKPAL, Jai HIND.