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Saturday, July 23, 2011

KASHMIRI FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION: Family contradicts woman's version in rape charge!

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July 23, 2011 PTI SRINAGAR / DC.

 demonstrators shout anti-India slogans in Srinagar following alleged rape of a married woman - AFP
Demonstrators shout anti-India slogans in Srinagar following alleged rape of a married woman - AFP.

The rape controversy took a new turn when the husband and mother-in-law of the woman claimed before police that she suffered from mental illness and was at her home in South Kashmir on the day she claimed she was sexually abused.
The statement of the family members of Ruqaya, 32, goes contrary to her claim that she was picked up by two men in uniform on July 19 and allegedly gang-raped for two days before being let off on July 21.
In her statement to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) yesterday, Amina Bi, mother-in-law of the alleged victim, said that her daughter-in-law went missing on the morning of July 20 and not evening of July 19.
"She (Ruqaya) had gone to a spring at 7.00 a.m on Wednesday (July 20) and did not return till late in the evening. We sent people in different directions but could not find her. She returned home the next day," Amina told the SIT officials.

There have been, indeed, some instances of excesses by the uniformed forces, in Kashmir;

And it has become a convenient ruse for everyone to take recourse to the accusations for their unexplained absence, from home!

And there are certain secessionist sections in Kashmir who take advantage of these kind of false accusations to take to streets, some times with violence!!

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