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Friday, July 22, 2011

KARNATAKA MINING SCAM: ‘The mining scam is huge and in 14 months the loss has been estimated at more than Rs 1,800 crore’!

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Justice N. Santosh Hegde - DC
Justice N. Santosh Hegde - DC.

A day after his report was leaked, an emotional Justice N. Santosh Hegde refused to accept the BJP’s charge that the leak had affected the sanctity of his reports.
Insisting that the findings of his report was still valid, he said the total loss to the state exchequer in the form of royalties was Rs 1,827 crore in a mere 14 months and that the full report would be “substantive and voluminous.”
Q: Political parties are saying that as the report has been leaked it has lost its sanctity. Do you agree?
How can it spoil the sanctity of the report as a whole? Those who say this should read the law. The leak of the report will not have any impact as it does not question the validity of the report.
The Chief Minister, his sons’ and son-in-law’s involvement and the favours that they received is just a part of the report. Moreover, the leaked report has not gone into detail, they did not have access to the supporting documents that we have attached to the report.
The leak focuses on one of the major portions of the report but the remaining chapters are still intact. The mining scam in the state is huge and during the time period of 14 months the loss has been estimated at more than Rs 1800 crore. This period is between March 2009 and May 2010. It is a loss to the state exchequer. It is a loss to the state.
Q: The part in the report about the CM has been leaked. Can you elaborate how the CM benefited and also who is responsible for the illegal mining in the state?

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