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Monday, July 4, 2011

INDIAN JUDICIARY: Justice Chandru cleared 65,000 cases in 5 yrs!

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Justice K. Chandru
Justice K Chandru.

Amid all those complaints that justice is getting unduly delayed and cases are piling up in courts across the country, a judge in the Madras high court is obsessed with speed.
Justice K. Chandru is widely known in the legal circles as the commoner’s messiah, who walks an extra mile hearing cases well beyond the court hours to hasten disposal.
Five years in the life of a judge is not a long time but then, Justice Chandru’s score card makes one wonder whether he has been around for a much longer time as he has disposed off 65,000 cases since being elevated from the bar five years ago.
“There were days when the judge would himself pick up the big books of pending cases from the court staff room and spend late evenings hearing the petitioners. Clearing old cases in shortest possible time is his USP”, said a senior lawyer.
Requested for his views on speedy justice for the ordinary litigant, Justice Chandru recounted some interesting and heart-rending courtroom episodes.

Hats off, Sir!, hope all other judges take inspiration from your commitment to the Justice and clear all pending cases with them!

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