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Friday, July 1, 2011

GAZA STRIP BLOCKADE: With multiple ships disabled, Gaza flotilla organizers regroup in Greece!
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Irish group pulls out of flotilla due to alleged sabotage, for which they are blaming Israel; others are getting ready to receive the call instructing them to start sailing.

GREECE - With two ships sabotaged - the Irish ship is in no condition to sail and the Swedish-Greek-Norwegian Giuliano is still being repaired - the impulse is to depart from port and wait for the rest at sea, along with the French ship that sailed Saturday. This is also the wish of all those on the Tahrir, the Canadian ship with its 50 passengers.

The backpacks allowed on deck are half-packed, in a state of near readiness. The lists of telephone numbers are ready, in case there's a need to rush for a quick departure.

Psychologically people are getting ready to receive the call at three in the afternoon or two in the morning, and they know who they have to call in turn.

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