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Monday, July 18, 2011

FLOP RITUAL: Sun hits back at Nithyananda, beams him off ground!

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Swami Nityananda during a press conference in Chennai recently - DC
Swami Nityananda during a press conference in Chennai recently - DC.

Sun Network hit back at godman Nithyananda with its news channel going to town, literally, with interesting clips of a weird ritual being performed during a kundalini yoga exercise that he had conducted at his Bangalore ashram on Friday promising his devotees power to float in air.
The visuals showed some of the followers, including actress Ranjitha, jumping like frogs as if in trance, while their ochre-robed swami blew wind into a microphone and waved his hands from a huge throne.
‘Nithyananda just blew air into the mike but could not get his devotees up in the air, as promised’, said the Sun commentator in the news bulletins, which also highlighted a statement purported to be from an official handling the godman’s prosecution in the case relating to the video clips showing him with Ms Ranjitha in his bedroom.

01) All Fake Godmen, who sit on high pedestals and / or ornate thrones are non-Hindus as Hinduism teaches humility to a religious person;

02) Anybody who lack humility cannot give any form of guidance to anyone, let alone spiritual one!

03) In addition, their claim of doing miracles is nothing but a big sham to gain media attention!

04) This specific fraudster was, some time back, in the media for video clips of his 'Rasalila' with Ranjitha, which they claimed to be doctors;

05) Despite forensic investigation certifying those clips to be authentic and not morphed, they have now filed defamation cases against Sun TV, for damages;

06) Getting caught itself is a shame but trying to take advantage of the situation to claim that they were victimised is wrong and unethical;

07) But we cannot expect any better actions from fakes!

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