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Saturday, July 2, 2011

EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION-II: Thousands in Cairo Return to Tahrir Square to Protest the Slow Pace of Change!
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By LIAM STACK / Published: July 1, 2011 / NYT.

The demonstrations in Cairo on Friday underscored the distrust between Egyptians and the police force. One of the protesters put his grievances in writing.

CAIRO — Thousands of protesters returned to Tahrir Square here on Friday to voice frustration with what they called the slow pace of change five months after the revolution. The demonstration occurred just days after renewed clashes between protesters and the police left hundreds injured and underscored the lingering distrust between Egyptians and a police force long seen as a pillar of the former government.

Young men built roadblocks and protesters set up a small tent city as demonstrators demanded the prosecution of former government officials accused of ordering the use of deadly force during Egypt’s 18-day revolution.
Throughout the afternoon, protesters spilled from Tahrir Square to nearby landmarks, including Parliament, the Interior Ministry and the headquarters of the country’s state-run television network.

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