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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dr. MANMOHAN SINGH: Here’s a wiser policy option for a bold PM by T J S George!
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There was wit and there was a tit for every tat, but Manmohan Singh still did not get it right on what has grown into the make-or-break issue of our times—how to curb corruption. He did not debunk the civil society movement like his cabinet colleagues are doing, but said that the Lokpal Bill would be no magic wand to solve the problem.
Nobody said it would. The issue is that 64 years of democracy have not only failed to pass meaningful laws against corruption but, manipulated by self-seeking politicians and bureaucrats, made effective prosecution of the guilty virtually impossible. This has  to change, which is what today’s public clamour is all about.
A well-meaning government would have drawn inspiration from this public mood and taken reformative action. Instead, what we see is a systematic campaign to discredit the people’s movement, employing everything from high-decibel propaganda to clandestine investigations by intelligence agencies. This throws the very intentions of the government into doubt.

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