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Sunday, July 10, 2011

DILSHAN MURDER CASE: Drunk, Angry Army Officer 'killed'!

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The mystery over the killing of a 13-year-old boy due to gunshot wounds inside the army campus was resolved today with the arrest of a retired senior army officer who confessed to his involvement in the incident which kept the city police on its toes for a week.
The Tamil Nadu Police crime branch, after a week-long investigation, arrested the 58-year-old retired Lt Col. Kandaswamy Ramraj, a native of Madurai, who has been booked under Section 302 (relating to murder) of IPC.
"We have got a major breakthrough in the Dilshan murder case. We confronted the retired army officer with physical witnesses and evidences which made him to confess," CBCID ADGP R. Sekar told reporters on the killing of Dilshan who fell to the bullet when he trespassed into the army residential quarters last Sunday to pluck mangoes and almonds.
Stating that the retired army officer got annoyed by the frequent trespassing of the boys to pluck mangoes and almonds, he said, 'this lead him to shoot from his rifle from a balcony at the time of incident'.
Sekar said that though initially police came to know there were only three children at the time of incident it later came to light that there was a fourth boy who informed them about a senior army man who tried to erase the evidence, he said.

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