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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIGVIJAYA UVACHA: Am sure Kalmadi Ashok Chavan are innocent!!

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NDTV Correspondent, Updated: July 11, 2011 19:37 IST.

New Delhi:  Suresh Kalmadi, in jail for corruption related to the Commonwealth Games, has found a voice of support. Digvijaya Singh, his party's General Secretary, said today that he is sure Mr Kalmadi is innocent and should get bail.

"We feel sorry for Suresh Kalmadi who is suffering hardships, and also for Ashok Chavan. In my personal opinion, both of them are innocent. But whenever any corruption charges are levelled, Sonia ji has to take action," Digvijaya Singh said addressing party workers in Pune, which is Mr Kalmadi's turf.

Mr Kalmadi became the face of the Commonwealth Games that were held in September last year. They were anchored in mismanagement and sweetheart deals to firms that provided equipment and services for the different venues and events.(Watch: CWG scam - Suresh Kalmadi to pay for the losses?)

Congress High Command is said to have sought explanation from Digvijaya on clearing the names of the fallen Congress leaders!

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  1. Is Congress on the Mission to Legalize Crime? What kind of Cabinet Reshuffle PM Manmohan is going to make when CROOK like DIGGY would still hold position on Top Brass, who always feels BABA's as Thughs & has soft corner for TERRORISTS-LOOTERS as BROTHERS ? If so, then why the Liars Spokespersons of Congress Cheats the Country on National TV that they are reluctant to fight graft and because of that Ashok Chavan has ti resign and Kalmadi is in Jail? Why DISCRIMINATORY to their CO-Partner A Raja & Kanimozhi?