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Saturday, July 9, 2011

CPI: Ministers abandoning cabinet like rats out of sinking ship!

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Press Trust of India, NDTV Updated: July 09, 2011 18:21 IST.

New Delhi:  Days after Dayanidhi Maran quit the union cabinet, CPI today took a dig at the government saying some "wise" ministers are abandoning the cabinet like "rats jump out of sinking ships" and asked why Murli Deora is not resigning even after charges of wrongdoings against him.

CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan alleged the Congress was on the decline and people have "lost faith" in the UPA government which speaks regularly about tackling corruption and price rise but does nothing except for getting the ministers under fire resign from the cabinet.

"How many speeches have (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh and (Congress chief) Sonia Gandhi made against corruption, but the next day one minister resigns. Who is next? In my view, it's Murli Deora. After the allegations levelled against him, what is the propriety in his continuing? He has to go," he told reporters at an interaction organised by the Indian Women Press Corp.

It still beats me how "Licence Raj" has been resurrected by the successive Governments eversince P.V. Narasimha Rao's Government announcing that the same would be replaced with market driven policies,  procedures & systems, in early 1990s.

Under such system, ideally, granting licence is no more the prerogative of the Governments and the national wealth such as 'Telecom. Spectrum" should have been auctioned in a transparent manner!

How the successive Governments to the PVNR's have very slyly sabotaged the 'Open Market Policy' with the retrograde "Licence Raj" and started bleeding the public exchequer is a big surprise!!

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