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Saturday, July 9, 2011

'COMMON MAN's CAR, NANO': sweeps Nepal: 350 bookings in 10 days!

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People's car sweeps Nepal with 350 bookings in just 10 days.
People's car sweeps Nepal with 350 bookings in just 10 days.

'People's car' Nano is poised to sweep Nepal with over 350 bookings in just 10 days since the world's cheapest four-wheeler was launched in the Himalayan republic June 26.
Sipradi Trading, the exclusive dealer of the Tata Group's vehicles in Nepal, said the majority of buyers - almost 40 percent -- ordered the Nano Standard, priced at NRS 7.98 lakh in Nepal (about Rs.5 lakh in India).
Though the Nano in Nepal costs almost five times as much as in India, thanks to whopping 240 percent taxes, it is still the cheapest car in Nepal with its nearest competitor, the Maruti 800 priced at about NRS 14 lakh.
The introductory price of the Nano remained valid for the 10 days of the first phase of booking. Now the Indian manufacturer will pore over the response - there have been over 8,000 queries - to firm up its strategy in Nepal as well as the final price.
Unlike in India, where the cost of the Nano varies from state to state, in Nepal, there is only one price for one model.

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