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Friday, July 8, 2011

2G SPECTRUM SCAM: Mr. SIBAL & RCOM: Is another Scam Unveiling?!

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Reliance Infocom (RCOM) has switched-off of the telecom service "violation of the terms and conditions of Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) agreement and UASL agreement by voluntary, unilateral and unauthorized switching-off/closure of services to subscribers from USOF sites without any notice."  - in 13 Circle that it operates;

Department of Telecom (DoT)'s has assessed the penalty at Rs. 50 Crores per Circle and issued a show-cause notice to RCOM for a total of Rs. 650/- Crores.

But when the file wast sent to Mr. Sibal, along with a detailed explanatory note, on February 09, 2011, he simply dismissed the unanimous views of the DoT officials and reduced the penalty to just Rs. 5/- Crores - benefiting the RCOM upto Rs. 645/- Crores.  

Mr. Kamini Jaiswal, Sr. Advocate and General Secretary  of 'Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL)' has approached the Honorouble Supreme Court for a thorough investigation by the CBI, on abuse of authority by Kapil Sibal, to benefit Anil Ambani controlled RCOM.

01) With the next hearing on the Case due on July 11, 2011, is another 2G Spectrum Scam Unveiling?

02) Normally this kind of depriving of the public exchequer in favour of Corporates is stuck at 20% of the benefit to the Corporate, working out to be, in this case, Rs. 129/- Crores.

03) And 'Quid Pro Quo' need not be an immediate and direct cash payment; it could be future benefit or benefit to someone close to the abuser of the political power!

04) Definitely, Nation needs to know exactly why the Public Exchequer was deprived of Rs. 645/- Crores, with a stroke of pen (99.23% of the originally arrived penalty figure of the unanimous decision of the DoT Officials).

05)  While - on paper - RCOM got a benefit of Rs. 645/- Crores, who got benefited Rs. 129/- Crores??

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