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Saturday, July 16, 2011

13/7 MUMBAI TERROR ATTACKS: 'Terrorists may have used safe house near blast sites'!

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July 16, 2011 IANS Mumbai / New Delhi / DC.

An official inspects a device found at the blast site at Dadar area in Mumbai - AFP
An official inspects a device found at the blast site at Dadar area in Mumbai - AFP.

Investigators probing the Mumbai blasts believe the terrorists who planted the bombs may have used a 'safe house' somewhere near the blast sites to manufacture the explosive - a deadly cocktail of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.
According to sources, the investigators base their theory on the fact that the bombs were improvised explosive devices - IEDs or home-made bombs - using ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, called ANFO.
The sources said the prepared IED is unstable and can go off by even a slight spark, therefore it would be difficult and dangerous to travel long distances with the bomb.
Even police patrolling at various places in and around Mumbai is so intense that the bombers may not have taken the risk of being caught with a bomb, they said.
Two of the three blast sites - Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House - are separated by a little over a kilometre, and Dadar, the third site, is about 12 km away.

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  1. As per the actions of our is proved that you can explode bombs and kill people, you embezzle billions of rupees but give the Netas their cut, you make synthetic milk and supply to Govt dairies and to public, you add cancerous colours to the vegetables, it will not mind but if you do some thing which destabilises the Govt or jolts its Kursi, they will lathi charge you,and explode tear gas shells.
    These bomb explosions will not stop as this Govt cannot take action against the terrorists who belong to so called minority community as they are the vote bank which send our netas to parliament

  2. I allowed Tintu's comments as I hold 'freedom of expression' as sacred.

    However, as Tintu says, I do not believe that terrorists belong to any one community - minority or majority, whatsoever.

    Terrorists are mentally deranged persons who worship no god of any established religion; but they worship the Devil, Satan or whichever name you prefer to call.

    What they fight for is not known to them; nor do they fight for anybody or any cause; they just kill not-in-any-way connected or responsible, innocent people, irrespective of victims' Religion, Region, Race, Age, Gender;

    In fact, when they plant a bomb, they wouldn't even know who exactly would be killed or maimed; but still they go ahead with their mayhem.

    Unlike other medically certified, mentally deranged people, who should be sent to mental hospitals for curing, these mentally deranged terrorists should be hanged, without any mercy.

    Anybody who pleads or grants mercy to such terrorists are the enemies of the people.