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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Living: Case-37: VEGETABLE VENDORS TURN TO DAIRY!

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S K Fathima who is forty years old lives with her fifty year old husband, Hussain Peera in Gugudu Village in Narpala Mandal of Anantapur district. They have three sons and two daughters. Fatima used to be a vegetable vendor, but the paltry income she earned from this was not enough for her to manage her family and household.

When the APRLP activities began in the village she joined the Mallamma self-help group and saved Rs.50 per month. Mallamma self-help group has twelve members and became a part of the Kullayaswamy Village Organisation.

Since the income from vending vegetables was not enough she thought of augmenting it by buying a buffalo and selling the milk it produced. This idea was born at the APRLP livelihood enhancement meetings and discussions, which she attended. So she took a loan of Rs.12, 000 from the village organisation under the Productivity Enhancement fund.  She bought two buffaloes with that money. In 2004 she took another loan of Rs.15, 000 from the village organisation and bought two more buffaloes. Thus she ran two businesses of dairy and vegetable vending to earn money. Her eldest son assisted her. Her husband worked as a daily wage earner. She not only repaid the loan in time, but spent another Rs.7, 000 to train her son at handloom weaving. He too started earning some money. As the dairy progressed she stopped vegetable vending. The dairy, which started with two buffaloes, has gone up to 10 buffaloes. Currently she sells 50 litres of milk per day. Each litre is sold at Rs.12 and her daily earning is Rs.600. She spends Rs.15, 000 per annum on fodder and feed. The gopalamitras provide medical aid for her animals.

Fathima and her family have risen from abject poverty to a comfortable life. In 2006 she constructed a pucca house and her children are educated. Her hard work and the government’s
timely support have helped them to develop economically.

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