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Sunday, June 26, 2011

RAMDEV RETURNS: Furious, hits out, talks of murder and rape!

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01) He should know that he has lost his credibility, irretrievably, when he had jumped off the stage, hid among the women (endangering them, further) and tried to escape, in women's cloths, from being detained by the Delhi Police, during that eventful Midnight Mayhem at Ramlila Maidan!

02) There had been round-the-clock coverage of all the News Channels and C.C. Cameras but not one footage has shown any attempted rape or murder as this man, who suffers from some kind of hallucination, would want us to believe.  

03) Further, there were nearly 10,000 people surrounding him at that time and there was not a single mention of any such attempt to murder or rape during the nearly Three Week period since the event has happened.

04) Yes, on that fateful Night Delhi Police, did, have used tear gas shells and brutally lathi-charged the peacefully, sleeping supporters of Ramdev's Darna.

05) Ramdev's present aggression stems from being cornered with investigations into his corporate empire, the connected shady dealings and his partner, Balakrishna of having multiple, fake passports. 

06) Like this socalled Yogi who had wilted within One Week while on fast, he would whimper, once  more revelations come out of the ongoing investigations on him and his associate!!

07) In the meanwhile, this modern-day Indian Icarus better keep away from issues of grave public concern, which require a much superior intellectual calibre and greater credibility!

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