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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interveiw with Jaishree Misra, the author of 'A Scandalous Secret': The secret is out!

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Author Jaishree Misra. Photo: Rajeev Bhatt
Author Jaishree Misra. Photo: Rajeev Bhatt - The Hindu.

Jaishree Misra talks about her latest book A Scandalous Secret
Warm, open, and gregarious are the first words that leap into the mind if you want to describe Jaishree Misra. The Delhi-based Malayali author, who shot to fame with her debut novel Ancient Promises, was in the city in connection with the release of her seventh and latest book A Scandalous Secret. It is the third book of a trilogy commissioned by Harper Collins, the other two being Secrets and Lies and Secrets and Sins. Excerpts from an interview with the author…
What is your latest book A Scandalous Secret the novel about?
It is about motherhood; mothers and daughters. The central character gave up her illegitimate daughter at birth and is now happily married to someone else. The daughter turns up after 18 years in search of her birth mother.
What is the inspiration for your books?
My first book, Ancient Promises, was autobiographical. It was initially a four page memoir that grew and grew and then became a full length novel. Inspiration for my other books comes from different places, probably something I read in the papers or something I heard some one say. Incidentally what provoked me into writing A Scandalous Secret is a clipping I saw in the newspapers sometime ago about the reunion of Clare Short, a British politician, and her son whom she gave up at birth. In Britain adopted children have a right to information about their birth parents when they turn 18.
This book is the third in the series of a three-book deal that you signed with Harper Collins. What does this book have in common with the earlier two books?
Expect for the fact that in all the three books, a secret from the past comes to haunt the lives of the characters, they do not carry anything in common.

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